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Atkins Diet Meal Plan - Sample Menu

If you have no idea of what to eat during each different phases, the below Atkins diet meal plan sample menu might be a helpful guide for you. You can take it as a reference and change you food accordingly each day to avoid eating the same food everyday.
Phase 1: Induction
Breakfast:Southwestern omelet with tomato, avocado and ham
Lunch:Caesar salad with grilled chicken
Dinner:Steak au PoivreRoasted AsparagusMixed green salad with lemon vinaigretteGelatin dessert made with sucralose
Snack:Celery stuffed with herb cream cheese
Phase 2: Ongoing Weight Loss
Breakfast:Two poached eggs over Fried Green TomatoesTwo strips of nitrate-free bacon
Lunch:Grilled turkey burger with pepper-jack cheese and green salsaCreamy Red Cabbage Slaw
Dinner:Cajun Pork ChopsSautéed Kale with Red-Pepper DressingSpicy Country Atkins "Cornbread"
Snack:Spiced pumpkin seeds
Phase 3: Pre-Maintenance
Breakfast:Belgian Waffles with Sugar Free Pancake Syrup and strawberries
Lunch:Almost black bean soupHam and cheese-filled tortilla
Dinner:Roasted Salmon with Macadamia-Cilantro CrustCauliflower-Leek PureeArugula, radish and cucumber saladGinger Flan with blueberries
Snack:Two Chocolate Truffles
Phase 4: Lifetime Maintenance
Breakfast:Two slices cranberry-orange loafRicotta-cheese omelet
Lunch:Vegetable soupCrab salad over mixed greens
Dinner:Herb Roasted Chicken with LemonWild rice with mushroomsBibb lettuce and watercress salad with French dressingMolten chocolate cakes
Snack:Cantaloupe with lime juice


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