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4 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Cellulite
If you look at it for what it is, Cellulite is not nice. Lumpy derriere's and legs can be offputting for most women when looking at themselves in a swimsuit but cellulite isn't their fault by any means. It is created by abnormal patterns of elastic fibers and collagen under the skin (the dermis layer) that are present in females. It can also be formed by a regular breakdown of cells in the human body that occur with age. An average of 9 in every 10 women suffer from cellulite and most deem it bemusing that nobody happens to know how to get rid of cellulite, but it can be done and is really relatively simple when you know how! Lots of females would kill for a firm and sleek body like the models they see in magazines, the beautiful actresses and the music video vixens they see on the television. In the long and hard mission for the longed-after body, many so-called strategies they try fail to work, i.e. fad diets and fat burning tablets. A few women have found however that temporarily starving their bodies causes them to lose a few kilos, but the cellulite always stays where it is! This can't be a good way to treat the body.

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How To Get Rid of Cellulite – (What the Masses Believe)
[1] – Join a Gym
While trying to get rid of cellulite, a good, long-term method is to carry out toning exercises. Just 30 minutes to quarter of an hour of your day carrying out simple firming exercises such as jogging, swimming, jumping jacks and squats will tone up the body as well as increasing blood flow and circulation. This will be successful long term, but requires a lot of effort and will-power.

[2] – Go On A Diet Plan
It can take an extremely long time to see a noticeable reduction in cellulite while dieting. This popular method might cause you to lose pounds if you stick to a diet plan such as the Atkins diet, Acai berry diet or Cayenne pepper diet, but you will only notice the cellulite melt away if you eliminate sugary, toxin-filled foods. Cellulite feeds on processed & unnatural substances so adhering to a non-toxin diet will shrink your cellulite but again requires an immense amount of self-discipline and will-power.

[3] – Detoxify and Cleanse your Body
As mentioned above, cellulite is made up of unwanted fluid, fat and toxins. In order to get rid of cellulite, you have to initially get rid of the toxins to allow the fat dissolve more easily.

Detoxing will entail the following:

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  • Eliminating processed foods (foods high in fat & articially sweetened foods) from your diet
  • Eating fruit and vegetables daily – preferably eat fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and lean protein (meat) with vegetables in the evening
  • Eliminating alcohol & caffeine – Spirits, beers, wine and caffeine drinks (such as coffee and Red Bull) cause toxins to build up in the body quite rapidly, which will have the opposite desire of a detox and will in-effect help cellulite to form
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water per day (i.e. 2 litres) – This will cleanse the body of toxins


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