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Acai Berry

Acai Berry - Which Is Better Juice or Supplements?

For sure, you have heard a lot of things about how good Acai berry is and it's benefits to people who are using it. But the problem is with the many berry products available in the market, which of these is for real and delivers the desired results? Whether your reason to take berry is to lose weight or to live a healthy lifestyle, the truth remains, and this fruit is indeed remarkable and offers loads of benefits beyond our wildest imagination.
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Is the berry juice worth every money spent? To be honest, yes it is definitely all worth it. Imagine, you got a product that contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, and loads more all coming from one powerful fruit - acai berry. Where in the world can you get a product that is as good as an acai berry juice? For sure, you would definitely; a product like this is nowhere to be found.

Do not be lured by those companies offering too good to be true offers like one- week free trial, and cheap priced acai berry juice. Always deal with a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or company that has been in the business for quite some time already to ensure that you are dealing with a real entity and not a bogus one trying to scam people.

Just a word of precaution when purchasing acai berry juice. You need to be sure that you are buying it from a legitimate company that has the following credentials: Kosher and USDA certified. Be sure each acai berry juice is all natural to ensure that you will be getting all the benefits of what acai berry has to offer.

Before you even start to look around and shop for various acai berry products, let's first have a brief understanding about what berry.

What is acai berry?

Berry is a fruit that looks like grapes that contains amino acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, proteins, micronutrients, and antioxidants. If you think about it, berry has got everything you need to keep your body healthy and aids in treatment of certain diseases.

Recent studies have shown that berry does have a bigger impact on a person's health much so it is even associated to be the best fruit to eat to loose weight. To give you an idea on what this berry has to offer, read on.


a. boosting up your immune system

b. a person's energy level is increased

c. the body gets the essential vitamins it needs

d. detoxifies the body from harmful toxins

e. it makes the aging process go slower than what it normally is

f. blood's circulation will improve

g. minimizes inflammation

Now we know what are the different health benefits that berry has to offer, then for sure you are now gagging to get hold of this wonderful fruit.

But let's face it, not all of us do have access to fresh acai berry. What we often see on the market are the different acai products and choosing one would be a pain especially if you do not have any idea what you are looking for. There are only two contenders for berry product: berry juice or berry supplements.
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What's the difference between the two?

Acai berry juice has more advantage over berry supplements. It is because a good berry juice contain 100% all natural, no chemicals or preservatives and you are getting all the essential nutrients, vitamins and amino acids in one drink. Unlike with berry supplements, there are certain ingredients added to solidify the berry and put into a capsule or tablet form.

When it comes to absorption, berry juice is advisable. Since you are taking it as a juice, when you drink the pulp, you will get the benefits right away. No need to worry about when you will reap the benefits of this wonderful fruit.

Atkins Diet Program

When choosing a weight loss program many people will search all over the web for the right program for them. Whether it's a low carbohydrate diet, a pill, or even a video game there is every different kind of method out there. Finding the right method for you is the most important. When choosing the right weight loss program for you it is important to make sure it is safe, fits your needs, has experienced educators working with you, also has a weight loss maintenance program and does not scam you into spending thousands of dollars with no results.
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Dr. Robert Atkins started the largest 'low-carb craze" when he wrote a series of books titled, " Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution" in 1972. The books were centered around his belief that the main cause of obesity was from eating carbohydrates such as sugar, flour, and high fructose syrup. The Atkins diet program restricts "net carbs" to decrease hunger due to the longer process of digestion for fats and proteins. While other weight loss programs, such as Alli weight loss, include an over the counter weight loss pill that stops the digestion of fat.

Whether the Atkins diet program is effective and healthy for you is still up for debate. Some studies say it helps prevent cardiovascular disease, lowers LPD cholesterol, and increases HDL cholesterol. Other studies say the diet contributes to cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, osteoporosis, and kidney stones. Diets that are high in protein cause the loss of calcium and lowering in urinary citrate levels. In 2004 a study was conducted and found that the Atkins diet lead to 70% constipation of the subjects, 65% had halitosis, 54% had headaches, and 10% reported hearing loss. It is important to research and find all the risks and benefits of a weight loss program that you are considering.

Many of these diets start out in a big craze but tend to drop in popularity once it has thoroughly been researched and people are aware of all of its risks. The weight loss craze of today I would say is the Wii weight loss program. This program appears to be safe and includes a balanced diet and regular exercise with the fun of playing video games. The Atkins diet program has four phases that you go through. These phases are induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenances and lifetime maintenance. The induction phase is around 2 weeks long and is the most restrictive. It allows for no more than 20 net grams per day.
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The ongoing phase increases carbohydrates by 5 net grams a week. The pre-maintenance phase increases carbohydrates again by 10 grams per week. This is for you to find the maximum number of carbohydrates you can eat a day without gaining weight. The final step, lifetime maintenance, is to help enforce the habits you have created and to carry them out the rest of your life. What sets the Atkins diet program apart from other programs, such as Alli weight loss and the Wii program, is that it has you follow specific steps during different durations of the diet.

Super Antioxidant

Super Antioxidant - Have You Ever Felt Like Wishing You Had More Energy?

Have you ever felt like wishing you had more energy? That you could get rid of those nagging aches and pains? Have you ever wished to improve your health overall and once and for all?
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If you answered yes, then look out, because that answer's now!

Today's medical science has led to several wondrous discoveries about our health and the food we eat. You might be familiar with the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." And it's true because recent studies show that there are certain substances found in fresh fruits and vegetables that can be very beneficial to our health. Such substances are called super antioxidants.

When you slice an apple and leave it on the table, you will notice that the flesh turns brown after some time. This is caused by oxidation - when the oxygen in the air reacts with the substances found in the apple. Oxidation is a natural process that occurs in the human body as well. Our cells need oxidation in order to undergo metabolism of fats and glucose so they can turn into heat and energy. Oxidation is a vital part of life. But as vital as oxidation is, it can also have some negative effects on the body.

During the process of oxidation, highly unstable substances called free radicals are produced. These free radicals react with other molecules in the cell by stealing their electrons and turning them into free radicals like themselves. When this happens, a chain reaction is created, one that when accumulated could result in massive cell damage.

The Benefits of Super Antioxidants

The job of super antioxidants is to hunt down free radicals but not to eliminate them. No. But to neutralize them so they'll stop their disease-causing rampaging. Literary tools aside, super antioxidants do indeed react against the harmful effects of free radicals by stopping them from reacting with the molecules in the first place.

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Some super antioxidants may also act primarily to break off the chain reaction of free radicals. Others act by repairing damages caused by the accumulation of free radicals in tissues. Countless studies have been devoted to determining the extent of the health benefits super antioxidants may have. Super antioxidants have been the subject of various cancer research studies and even research on how to reverse aging. And though for the most part, the findings are inconsistent only as far as super antioxidant supplements are concerned, the old saying still stands: An apple a day does indeed keep the doctor away.



Highly organic HGH releasers are not the ultimate answers to combat aging. My GenFX Review will reveal the real score behind this brand and HGH Releasers in particular. In this GenFX review, issues like HGH Scams and Side effects will be investigated. HGH reviews have recently just popped up because of the growing number of consumers who have been using the product. A few HGH products are truly effective but others are bound to have a bad effect on the consumers.


GenFX is the latest HGH Releaser. HGH supplements are very popular in the market now and before GenFX was released, they have always been there. Before this pills brand was released in the market, some brands have already existed. Some HGH supplements have already been dominating the market even before this particular product came out. Analyzing and innovating with the other brands' ineffectiveness, the new and improved GenFX was made. GenFX is not harmful to your health, it is a food supplement which can bring wonders to your health.

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What can GenFX Give you?

Twenty five years younger in terms of natural HGH release is promised by the makers of this brand. However long term use is recommended to achieve the best results of this new supplement.

  • Reduce fat
  • Helps you have healthier, younger-looking skin
  • Helps provide you with healthy and strong hair and nails
  • Makes you have more restful sleep
  • Provides you with better vision and hearing
  • Gives you more energy
  • Better muscle tone; favorable to athletes
  • Gives you more memory power
  • Gives you more life and endurance sexually
  • Pushes your body to develop a strong immune system
  • Controls your cholesterol levels
  • Strengthens your bones
I am definitely firm on my stand that GenFX is not an overnight drug that could spell effects instantly. I can say with all honesty that the pill is not the instant over the counter drug that can have results fast. It takes a little longer for this product to interact with our system and do its job. It is recommended that customers have wait at least three months to see the maximum outcome.

Can it do damage to our health?

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The manufacturers have assured us that this product is safe to use and made only from the best organic ingredients. My GenFX Review is based on facts and research plus with a personal note that this product is surely effective. GenFX is definitely not a scam. My GenFX review just proved that this product is only created in laboratories approved by GMP. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

The Ultimate Conclusion

Even in the market today, effective HGH pills are hard to find and we are swamped with loads of fake products, what I have proven is that GenFX is not one of them. If you don't agree, you can always think about why it is approved by GMP and why it has a money back guarantee, so you can always change your mind and try it!

Cure Acne

Cure Acne - The Drug-Free Way
As you read, acne is fast erupting on someone's skin. Majority of those affected fall within the age group of twelve and above. As acne get formed beneath their skin, they are getting more irritated and nothing else runs through their mind except thought of how to cure acne and also get back that smooth beautiful skin they once had. If you are one of those craving to know how to cure acne, you can be certain that the remedy to this terrible skin disorder is not far-fetched.

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Acne is generally referred to as a skin problem but it is in fact an internal problem which manifests itself as acne, pimples, zits, blackhead, whitehead and cysts. Acne is an alert from the body telling us there is a problem internally and the only way to cure it is by using a natural approach which does not only get rid of it but also prevents further breakouts. There are various ways you can use to cure acne. While some are natural methods, some require that you take certain pill orally. I implore you to dig deep about both ways before you opt for any.

Here are 10 easy tips to cure acne without any side effects.

1. Always wash your face not more than three times a day.
2. Eat fiber-rich food. It makes it easier to excrete the toxins in the body.
3. Reduce the amount of coffee taken.
4. Make use of Aloe Vera Gel. It contains properties which helps to reduce the size of acne and also kills the bacteria causing this skin disorder.
5. Stop or reduce smoking.
6. Avoid taking junk foods. Reducing the consumption of junks food will help you decrease the toxins in the body.
7. Keep your hair off your face. Your hair contains oil and if transferred to your face, it can promote the growth of bacteria causing acne. You should always wash your hair after everyday.
8. Wash off your makeup before going to bed.
9. Do not pick or pop acne. Although, this can be very tempting but you should avoid it because it spreads and increase the breakout of acne.
10. Drink plenty of water daily. It helps to flush toxic wastes out of the body.

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While you have the option of curing acne naturally, you can as well opt for drugs, creams, lotions and ointment. Although some of the drugs and topical products tend to give results but it does not last for long before further breakouts occurs. The reason for this is because these products do not get rid of acne from the root rather it deals with it from the surface while the internal cause is left untouched. More so, most acne drugs come with a lot of side effects. This is what the pharmaceutical companies will never tell you when trying to sell their products through over-hyped and catchy adverts.

In order to get the best result while trying to cure acne, I advise you opt for natural methods which is seemingly the best. You will not only get back your beautiful skin but will also be preventing future outbreaks.

Foods for Acne

Top Five Foods for Acne

What we eat affects each and every organ in our body. Simply put, the food we consume causes chemical changes that affect our body's condition. Different kinds of food can have different effects on our skin too. In fact, some types of food have been found to make skin healthier and even help with acne. Here is a list of the top five foods for more radiant, blemish-free skin:

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Skin Food 1: Green Leafy Vegetables

If we just listened to mom when we were kids, eating more lettuce, broccoli and cabbage would have made our skin look flawless and beautiful. This is because green leafy vegetables are packed with antioxidants that boost skin health, prevent wrinkles and dark spots, and help pimples heal faster. If you're out for the best green veg for your skin, pick spinach. Not only is it packed with antioxidants, it's also rich in other skin-boosting vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E.

Skin Food 2: Berries

The berry family of fruits is another skin secret. Ancient Greeks are said to regularly use a skin clearing mask of crushed berries with milk. And it's no wonder why - berries are very rich in skin-boosting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Blueberries, in particular, are a good source of fiber, vitamin A, vitamins C, riboflavin, and vitamin E. These nutrients are not just good for the body but excellent for the skin too. Other skin-friendly members of the berry family include raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries.

Skin Food 3: Grapefruit

Like most other citrus fruits, grapefruits are rich in the antioxidant vitamin C. Unlike oranges and lemons, however, grapefruits are also packed with vitamins A and B - vitamins known to boost skin health and improve the appearance of both wrinkles and pimples. That is why the lowly grapefruit stands way above its citrusy brothers. And a good reason why you should incorporate it into your daily diet too.

Skin Food 4: Carrots

Bugs bunny may not have known it, but munching on carrots can be one of the surest ways to clearer, smoother skin. This vegetable takes its name from beta carotene, a pigment that is a precursor to vitamin A. Vitamin A is used in many skin and acne products to reduce pimple redness and inflammation, manage hyperactive oil glands, and even reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Other foods rich in beta carotene include squash, pumpkin and mangoes.

Skin Food 5: Water

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Okay, so technically water is not food. But it is the best thing you can consume for clearer, healthier skin. Why? Water flushes out all the toxins and impurities from the skin. Skin cells also need water so that they can heal faster, be more supple, and be better protected from infection, damage, and irritation. It also helps that water has zero calories too, and is more beneficial to your body than sugar-laden sodas or alcoholic drinks.

There you have it - the five best foods for acne. For a more complete list, you can read our guide to food and drinks for acne. And remember - managing our diet is just one of many natural treatments for acne you can try.

Yoga An Exercise

Yoga Is An Exercise In Patience
Most of the time when you workout the pace is much faster than in yoga. Cardio is all about moving quickly to get your heart rate up. Strength training is a little calmer than cardio but there's still a sense of perpetual movement. This is true when you work out on your own and even more so when working out to a video or take a class. So, it's no surprise that when you go to do yoga, you have the impulse to move at your usual workout pace.

However, yoga does not work that way. Even when you are moving in yoga the pace is still relatively slow. A lot of the time is actually spent not moving at all. Your muscles are working unexpectedly hard to hold each pose. Being impatient, wondering when it's going to end, and how much longer you have to stay still, does not help. In fact, it makes it much harder.

I knew intellectually that I was supposed to feel centered and calm doing yoga but, I never felt it. I was never able to actually do it. There was always an undercurrent of nervous energy and racing thoughts. The thing I finally realized the last time I did yoga was that I needed to be patient. Being patient in yoga means letting go the need to rush and get it done. It means understanding that what you're doing is going to take some time and you might as well relax and let it run it's course. It means not worrying about what you're going to do next and just paying attention to what you're doing in that moment.

Maybe that's easier said than done, but there are a few steps you can take to help you accomplish this. First of all make sure to set aside enough time for your workout. Before you begin the yoga session, take a few deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and imagine with each exhale that you're letting go of whatever thoughts are nagging at you. Set your intention to be relaxed, calm and present during your yoga session. Then, while you're doing yoga, be patient with yourself when your mind starts wandering and you find yourself stressing over everything you're not doing at the moment that needs to get done. Just gently push the thoughts aside and focus on breathing through each yoga pose. It will take some time to get good at this. So, don't worry if it seems difficult at first.

The practice of yoga has a lot of benefits and can be a good addition to your fitness program. Learning to exercise patience with the process of doing yoga and with yourself will make it a much more enjoyable experience and you will get a lot more out of it. Eventually, you might even find that instead of dreading your yoga workout, you actually start looking forward to it.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga For Weight Loss - Is It Possible?
Yoga is certainly a very good style of exercise but many people complain that it is not effective at helping them lose weight. This style of exercise offers you a lot of benefits that includes improved health and reduced stress. It is also a very good way of improving your muscle strength as well as bone density. However, it does not always help you lose weight. The problem lies not with the exercise but with the particular style you are following. There are many different styles of Yogic exercises and they offer you different benefits.

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People who practice Hatha Yoga will find it difficult to lose weight if this is the only exercise routine they follow. The asanas or positions in this particular style are very slow paced and help to improve flexibility and blood circulation as well as strength of the joints. However, they do not constitute a proper cardiovascular workout since it does not raise the heart rate sufficiently. People usually supplement it with regular running or swimming in order to burn extra calories.

There are other Yogic routines that are better suited to people who want to shed some pounds. They are all different types of Vinyasa Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga is a very vigorous style that requires practitioners to follow up one asana with another one without a break. This is a great way to work up a sweat and you will find it very easy to lose weight. Another popular style is Power Yoga. This is one of the best cardiovascular workouts available to people who want to rev up their metabolism. Hot Yoga is a particular variation of Vinyasa style that is practiced in a room that is temperature controlled to be very hot. It is a common sight to see people perspiring very freely when they practice it.

These Yogic styles are very popular with young people because it suits their requirement for a very vigorous workout. Apart from losing weight, they also develop a great amount of core strength. Regular followers of these styles find it very easy to keep their weight down because they get a fair amount of exercise. It also increases their endurance levels which makes it a perfect way to prepare for other activities like long distance running or swimming that also help to keep weight under control.

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This is also a very enjoyable way of exercising since it is usually done in a group. Many people make great friends at their exercise studios and this is a motivating factor for them. It keeps them coming back for more and therefore helps to prevent them from dropping out of the program.

It is certainly possible to lose weight if one follows this ancient form of exercise. It is also a great way to maintain weight at low levels. The immense popularity of this style with celebrities and film stars indicates that it is very effective at helping keep weight under control. You too will benefit from following the right routine.

Yoga for Health

Most of the diseases take their origin in over-eating, sexual excess and outbursts of anger and hatred. If the mind is kept cool and calm at all times, you will have wonderful health, strength and vitality. Energy is depleted by fits of anger. The cells and tissues are filled with morbid, poisonous materials, when one loses his temper and entertains deep hatred. Various sorts of physical ailments crop up. The blood becomes hot and thin and consequently night pollution results. Various kinds of nervous diseases are attributable to excessive loss of the seminal energy and frequent fits of explosive anger or wrath.

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Let any disease remain in your body. Do not bother too much. Do not fret and fume. Develop the powers of endurance and resistance. Strengthen your body, mind and nerves. Take plenty of open-air exercises, substantial nutritious food, medicated oil bath and plenty of rest. Have mental and physical recreation. Lead a well-regulated life. Be moderate in food, drink and enjoyments. Lead a spiritual life. All diseases will leave your body by themselves. All microbes will die, when your vitality, vigour and strength are at a flood tide. This is the secret of health and happiness.
Do not be carried away by the pompous advertisements made by quacks and charlatans. Lead a simple natural life. You will become all right soon. Do not spend any money in purchasing the so-called patent medicines and specifics. They are worthless. Quacks try to exploit the credulous and the ignorant. Beware. Do not go to the doctors very often. Endeavour to qualify yourself as your own doctor. Understand the laws of nature and the principles of hygiene and health. Do not trespass against the laws of health.

Bask in the sun. Expose your body to the rays of the sun for a short time daily. This is heliotherapy or sun-treatment. Sun is the source of energy and power. You will derive energy and power from the sun.

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Soak 12 almonds at night. Remove the skin and take the almonds with some sugarcandy in the early morning. Or you can make a refreshing beverage by grinding these almonds with a little black pepper and sugarcandy. This is called 'thandai' by the Punjabis. This is a fine, cooling and strength-giving tonic.

Herbal Cosmetics

Herbal Cosmetics Natural and Safe Choice
Women love to dress and put on make up. They use various cosmetic products to enhance their features. The list is endless. Eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, compact, foundation, face packs, and so on. The cosmetic industry is flooded with a huge range of products. Numerous brands have flooded the market with innumerable products. While choosing the products, women should give due thought to the quality and safety. Some products are known to cause irritation and health problems over a period of time.

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Even though many products promise to be of good quality, they cause some kind of inconvenience over a period of time. Using natural products can be a great idea. They are made up of natural products and don’t cause any side effect. Moreover, they are priced less. They are devoid of any harmful chemicals and nourish the skin. Glow naturally and look beautiful.

There are numerous manufacturers of natural products in the market. You can easily get highly effective herbal cosmetics. Ensure that you choose products that are manufactured under strict watch of experts. Now, you can enhance your beauty with pure and natural herbal cosmetics. The greatest advantage is that are harmless to the skin and also don’t cause much.

There are various kinds of herbal cosmetics available:

• Hair dye - (Hair Colours)
• Nail Polish
• Herbal Face pack
• Herbal Body pack
• Herbal Hair pack

The herbal cosmetics & medicines are made of pure herbs. They are available at affordable prices too as compared to chemical cosmetics. Homemade herbal cosmetics will keep you younger for longer time. They are also safe and effective. You can also use products available at home. Natural products are known to enhance beauty naturally. Today, cosmetics counters also offer cleansers which contain natural ingredients. Chamomile, chervil, dandelion, fennel, lime flowers, rosemary leaves, also make an excellent cleansing agents.

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These cosmetics are have been in existence sine ancient time. They can be prepared at home. These products range from skin care products, to hair care products, to herbal bath teas, and to lotions, creams, powders, and a lot more. Some of the herbs include ingredients such as the chamomile, chervil, fennel, dandelion, lime flowers, and rosemary leaves. They are excellent for sensitive skin since they cause minimum irritation.

You can even get information about natural products by looking online. You can choose from a wide range of products. Pamper yourself with the low-cost and quality products like sunscreen lotions, herbal face scrubs, skin-nourishing creams and gels, anti-wrinkle creams, aroma-therapy body lotion. The choice is unlimited.


Orach Garden Species

From the family Chenopodiaceae

The garden species of orach, Atriplex hortensis, originated in Eastern Europe and is now widely distributed in countries with temperate climates. In the past it was called mountain spinach and grown as a vegetable in its own right. The red form, Atriplex hortensis 'Rubra', is still eaten frequently in Continental Europe, particularly with game, and was used as a flavoring for breads.

The common orach, Atriplex patula, was considered a poor man's pot herb, which is a fact worth remembering when you are pulling out this invasive annual weed.
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Atriplex hortensis


Hardy annual. Ht 1.5m (5ft), spread 30cm (12in). Tiny greenish (boring) flowers in summer. Green triangular leaves.

Atriplex hortensis 'Rubra'

Red Orach

Hardy annual. Ht 1.2m (4tf), spread 30cm (1ft). Tiny reddish (boring) flowers in summer. Red triangular leaves.

Atriplex patula

Common Orach

Hardy annual. Ht 90cm (3ft) spread 30cm (12in). Flowers similar to orach, the leaves more spear shaped and smaller.




If you wish to have a continuous supply of leaves, start off under protection in early spring, sowing the flat seeds directly into prepared plug trays. Cover with Perlite. When the seedlings are large enough, and after hardening off, plant out in a prepared site in the garden 25cm (10in) apart.

Pests and Diseases

In the majority of cases this herb is pest and disease free.


Spring: Sow seeds.

Summer: Cut flowers before they form.

Autumn: Cut seeds off before! they are fully ripe to prevent too much self-seeding.

Winter: Dig up old plants.

Garden Cultivation

This annual herb produces the largest and most succulent leaves when the soil is rich. So prepare the site well with well rotted manure. For Red Orach choose a site with partial shade as the leaves can scorch in very hot summers. The seeds can be sown in rows 60cm (2ft) apart in spring when the soil has warmed. Thin out to 25cm (l0in) as soon as the seedlings are large enough, and replant. Water well throughout the growing season.

As this plant is a very rapid grower, it is as well to do 2 sowings to ensure a good supply of young leaves. The red varieties look very attractive grown as a hedge. Remove flowering tips as soon as they appear. This will help maintain the shape of the plant.

If seed is not required, pick the flowers off as soon as they appear. To save the seed, collect before it is fully ripe, otherwise you will have hundreds of orach babies all over your garden and next door.


Pick voting leaves to use fresh as required. The herb does not dry or freeze particularly well.


The young leaves can be eaten raw in salads, and the red variety looks most attractive. The old leaves of both species ought to be cooked as they become slightly tough and bitter. It can be used as a substitute for spinach or as a vegetable, served in a white sauce. It is becoming more popular in Europe, where it is used in soups.

Red Orach Soup

450g (1 lb) potatoes

225g (8oz) young red orach leaves

50g (2oz) butter

900ml (1'Apt/314 cups) chicken stock

1 clove garlic, crushed Salt and black pepper 4 tablespoons sour cream

Peel the potatoes and cut them into thick slices. Wash the orach and cut up coarsely. Cook the potatoes for 10 minutes in salted water, drain. Melt the butter in a saucepan with the crushed garlic and slowly sweeten; add the red orach leaves and gently simmer for 5-10 minutes until soft (if the leaves are truly young then 5 minutes will be sufficient). Pour in the stock, add the parboiled potatoes, and bring to the boil; simmer for a further 10 minutes. When all is soft, cool slightly then puree in a blender or liquidize. After blending, return the soup to a clean pan, add salt and pepper to taste and heat slowly (not to boiling). Stir in the sour cream, and serve.

Container growing

The red-leafed orach looks very attractive in containers, provided you don't let it get too tall. Nip out the growing tip and the plant will bush out, and do not let it flower. Use the peat, bark mix of potting soil. Keep the plant in semi-shade in high summer and water well at all times. If watering in high sun, be" careful not to splash the leaves, as they can scorch, especially the red variety.

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This herb is no longer used medicinally. In the past it was a home remedy for sore throats, gout, and jaundice.


Tarragon Herb

Also knoum as Estragon. From the family Compositae.

A native of southern Europe, tarragon is now found in dry areas of North America, Southern Asia and Siberia. Dracunculus' means little dragon. Its naming could have occurred (via the Doctrine of Signatures) as a result of the shape of its roots, or because of its fiery flavor. Whatever, it was certainly believed to have considerable power to heal bites from snakes, serpents and other venomous creatures.

In ancient times the mixed juices of tarragon and fennel made a favorite drink for the Kings of India. In the reign of Henry VIII, tarragon made its way into English gardens, and the rhyme, 'There is certain people, and certain herbs, that good digestion disturbs,' could well be associated with tarragon. I love, too, the story that Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon for her reckless use of tarragon.


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Artemisia dracunculus

French Tarragon

Half-hardy perennial. Ht 90cm (3ft) spread 45cm (1 Sin). Tiny, insignificant, yellow flower heads are borne in sprays in summer but rarely produce ripe seed sets except in warm climates. The leaves are smooth dark green, long and narrow, and have a very strong flavor.

Artemisia dracunculus dracunculoides

Russian Tarragon

Hardy perennial. Ht 1.2m (4ft) spread 45cm (18in). Tiny, insignificant, yellow flower heads in sprays in summer. The leaves are slightly coarser and green in color, their shape long and narrow. This plant originates from Siberia, so is hardy.




Only the Russian variety produces viable seed. A lot of growers are propagating and selling it to the unsuspecting public as French tarragon. If you really want Russian tarragon, sow the small seed in spring, into prepared seed or plug trays, using the bark, peat, grit compost. No extra heat required. When the young plants are large enough to handle, transfer to the garden, 60cm (24in) apart.


Both French and Russian tarragon can be propagated by cuttings.

Roots: Dig up the underground runners in spring when the frosts are finished, pull them apart; do not cut. You will notice growing nodules; these will reproduce in the coming season. Place a small amount of root - 8-10cm (3-4in) -each with a growing nodule, in a 8cm (3in) pot, and cover with compost. Use the bark, grit, peat mix and place in a warm, well ventilated place. Keep watering to a minimum. When well rooted, plant out in the garden after hardening off, 60cm (24in) apart. It is possible to take softwood cuttings of the growing tips in summer. You will need to keep the leaves moist, but the compost on the dry side. It works best under a misting unit with a little bottom heat 15°C (60°F).


Divide established plants of either variety in the spring.

Pests and Diseases

Recently there has been a spate of rust developing on French tarragon. When buying a plant, look for tell tale signs - small rust spots on the underneath of a leaf If you have a plant with rust, dig it up, cut off all foliage carefully, and bin the leaves. Wash the roots free from soil, and pot up into fresh sterile soil. If this fails, place the dormant roots in hot water after washing off all the compost. The temperature of the water should be 40-46°C (105-115°F); over 46°C will damage the root. Leave the roots in the hot water for 5 minutes then replant in a new place in the garden.


Spring: Sow Russian tarragon seeds if you must. Divide established plants, fake root cuttings.
Summer: Remove flowers. Autumn: Pot up pieces of French tarragon root as insurance.
Winter: Protect French tarragon. As the plant dies back into the ground in winter it is an ideal candidate for either agricultural fleece, straw or deep mulch.

Garden Cultivation

French Tarragon has the superior flavor of the two and is the most tender. It grows best in a warm dry position, and will need protection in winter. It also dislikes humid conditions. The plant should be renewed every 3 years because the flavor deteriorates as the plant matures.

Russian tarragon is fully hardy and will grow in any conditions. There is a myth going around that it improves the longer it is grown in I place. This is untrue, it gets coarse. It is extremely tolerant of most soil types, but prefers a sunny position, 60cm (2ft) away from other plants.


Pick sprigs of French tarragon early in the season to make vinegar. Pick leaves for fresh use throughout the growing season. For freezing it is best to pick the leaves in the midsummer months.

Container growing

French tarragon grows well in containers. Use the bark, grit mix of compost. As it produces root runners, choose a container to give it room to grow so that it will not become pot bound. At all times make sure the plant is watered, and in the daytime, not at night. It hates having wet roots. Keep feeding to a minimum; overfeeding produces fleshy leaves with a poor flavor; be mean. In winter, when the plant is dormant, do not water, keep the compost dry and the container in a cool, frost-free environment.


Without doubt this is among the Rolls Royces of the culinary herb collection. Its flavor promotes appetite and complements so many dishes - chicken, veal, fish, stuffed tomatoes, rice dishes, and salad dressings, and of course is the main ingredient of Sauce Bernaise.

Anti wrinkle cream
Chicken Salad with tarragon and grapes
Serves 4-6

11.3 kg (3lb) cooked chicken 150ml (5jl oz) mayonnaise 75ml (3fl oz) double cream I heaped teaspoon fresh chopped tarragon (½ teaspoon dried) 3 spring onions, finely chopped 100g (4oz) green grapes (seedless if not de-piped) I small lettuce A few sprigs water cress Salt and pepper Remove the skin from the chicken and all the chicken from the bones. Slice the meat into longish pieces and place in a bowl.

In another bowl mix the mayonnaise with the cream, the chopped tarragon, and the finely chopped spring onions. Pour this mixture over the chicken and mix carefully together. Arrange the lettuce on a dish and spoon on the chicken mixture. Arrange the grapes and the water cress around it. Serve with jacket potatoes or rice salad.


No modern medicinal use. Formerly used for toothache. If nothing else is available, a tea made from the leaves is said to overcome insomnia.


Uses of Wormwood Herb

Also known as Absinthe and Green Ginger. From the family Compositae. A native of Asia and Europe, including Britain, it was introduced into America as a cultivated plant and is now naturalized in many places. Found on waste ground, especially near the sea in warmer regions. Legend has it that as the serpent slithered out of Eden, wormwood first sprang up in the impressions on the ground left by its tail. Another story tells that in the beginning it was called 'Parthenis absinthium', but Artemis, Greek goddess of chastity, benefited so much from it that she named it after herself - 'Artemisia absinthium'. The Latin meaning of 'absinthium' is 'to desist from', which says it all.

Anti wrinkle cream

Although it is one of the most bitter herbs known, it has for centuries been a major ingredient of aperitifs and herb wines. Both absinthe and vermouth get their names from this plant, the latter being an 18th century French variation of the German 'wermut', itself the origin of the English name Wormwood. Wormwood was hung by the door where it kept away evil spirits and deterred night-time visitations by goblins. It was also made a constituent of ink to stop mice eating old letters.

It was used as a strewing herb to prevent fleas, hence:

'White wormwood hath seed, get a handful or twain, to save against March, to make flea to refrain. Where chamber is sweeped and wormwood is streivn, no flea for his life, dare abide to be known.' This extract comes from Thomas Tusser's Five Hundred Pointes of Good Husbandrie, written in 1573. Finally, wormwood is believed to be the herb that Shakespeare had in mind when his Oberon lifted the spell from Titania with 'the juice of Dian's bud', Artemis being known to the Romans as Dian or Diana.


Artemisia absinthium


Partial-evergreen hardy perennial. Ht lm (40in), spread 1.2m (4ft). Tiny, insignificant, yellow flower heads are borne in sprays in summer. The abundant leaves are divided, aromatic and grey/green in color.

Artemisia absinthium 'Lambrook Silver'

Evergreen hardy perennial. Ht80cm (32in), spread 50cm (20in). Tiny, insignificant, grey flowerheads are borne in long panicles in summer. The abundant leaves are finely divided, aromatic and silver/grey in color. May need protecting in exposed sites.

Artemisia pontica

Old Warrior

Evergreen hardy perennial. Hi 60cm (24in), spread 30cm (12in).Tiny, insignificant, silver/grey flower heads are borne on tall spikes in summer. The abundant, feathery, small leaves are finely divided, aromatic and silver/grey in color. This can, in the right conditions, be a vigorous grower, spreading well in excess of 30cm (12in).

Artemisia Pontica 'Powis Castle'

Evergreen hardy perennial. Ht90cm (36in), spread 1.2m (4ft). Tiny, insignificant, grayish-yellow flower heads are borne in sprays in summer. The abundant leaves are finely divided, aromatic and silver/ grey in color.




Of the species mentioned above, only wormwood is successfully grown from seed. It is extremely small and best started off under protection. Sow in spring in a prepared seed or plug tray, using the bark, peat, grit mix of compost. Cover with Perlite and propagate with heat, 15-21 °C (60-70°F). Plant out when the seedlings are large enough to handle and have had a period of hardening off.


Take softwood cuttings from the lush new growth in early summer; semi-hardwood in late summer. Use the bark, peat, grit mix of compost.


As they are all vigorous growers division is a good idea at least every 3 to 4 years to keep the plant healthy, to stop it becoming woody and to prevent encroaching. Dig up the plant in spring or autumn, divide the toots and replant in a chosen spot.

Pests and Diseases

Wormwood can suffer from a summer attack of black fly. If it gets too bad, use a liquid horticultural soap, following manufacturer's instructions.


Spring: Sow seeds. Divide established plants. Trim new growth for shape. Take softwood cuttings.

Summer: Take semi-hardwood cuttings.

Autumn: Prune back all the species mentioned to 15cm (6in) of the ground. Divide established plants.

Winter: Protect in temperatures below -5°C (23°F). Cover with agricultural fleece, straw, bark, anything that can be removed in the following spring.

Garden Cultivation

Artemisias like a light well-drained soil and sunshine, but will adapt well to ordinary soils provided some shelter is given. Planting distance depends on spread.

Wormwood is an overpoweringly flavored plant and it does impair the flavor of dill and coriander so do not plant nearby.


Pick flowering tops just as they begin to open. Dry. Pick leaves for drying in summer.

Container growing

Artemisia absinthium 'Lambrook Silver' and Old Warrior (Artemisia pontica) look very good in terracotta containers. Use the bark, peat, grit mix of compost. Only feed in the summer; if you feed too early the leaves will lose their silvery foliage and revert to a more green look. In winter keep watering to the absolute minimum and protect from hard frosts.

Other uses

It can produce a yellow dye.

Antiseptic vinegar

This vinegar is known as the 'Four Thieves' because it is said that thieves used to rub their bodies with it before robbing plague victims.

1 tablespoon wormwood

1 tablespoon lavender

1 tablespoon rosemary

1 tablespoon sage

1.1 l (1 ¾) pints vinegar

Put the crushed herbs into an earthenware container. Pour in the vinegar. Cover the container and leave it in a warm sunny place two weeks. Strain into bottles with tight-fitting, non-metal lids. This makes a very refreshing tonic in the bath, or try sprinkling it on work surfaces in the kitchen.

Anti wrinkle cream

Wormwood or southernwood can be used for keeping moths and other harmful insects away from clothes. The smell is sharp and refreshing and does not cling to your clothes like camphor moth-balls.

Bug Ban Recipe

2 tablespoons dried wormwood or southernwood

2 tablespoons dried lavender

2 tablespoons dried mint

Mix the ingredients well and put into small sachets.


True to its name, wormwood expels worms especially round- and thread- worms.